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Power Your Throws

Value Creation

Ultimate Frisbee, more commonly known as Ultimate, is becoming a more and more popular sport, and is played from middle school to a professional level across the US and the world. However, learning to throw a disc is not easy and often requires extensive practice. Unlike throwing or kicking a ball, the arm motion involved with throwing a disc effectively is sometimes unintuitive and can be hard to learn. For those without a coach or a team to practice with, this can make getting into ultimate challenging.

For Ultimate teams ranging from amateur to professional, throw analysis and data collection is tough. Unlike soccer, there is no goal-line technology, and there is no system such as Hawk-Eye which is used to help referee tennis and cricket.

Being able to analyze an individual's throws in terms of throw type (flick/forehand, backhand, hammer, etc.), speed, and stability would help with both of these problems. Players could identify the throws they rely on most often and which throws they struggle with. It would also provide insights for players on how to improve their throws, and whether they need to work on speed, eliminating wobble, or both. It could even extend to professional refereeing applications.



With a lightweight and compact sensor package, you can analyze your throws without worrying about the added weight of a bulky instrument. 


No external cameras or GPS systems are needed. The all-in-one package allows you to record all you need with the connection of a cable and the SD card allows you to save large amounts of data. The battery life will let you play all day.


Get powerful insights into you or your team's performance, and receive feedback on how to improve specific throws. Data from spin rate to wobble to acceleration can ultimately make you a better ultimate player.

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